SVARRE has a special construction where the glass goes beyond the frame, and provides a minimalist design, completely without frames and without maintenance. 

In addition, the following features can be highlighted:

  • Uw = 0,89 for reference window 1230 x 1480
  • Edge to edge glass
  • Secured by Design / Class RC2N
  • Soundproof 38 dB as standard / 42 dB as option
  • Durability – the color is baked into the glass during toughening process
  • Tested up to 1800 Pa (double hurricane) for water-tightness

Svarre's unique appearance places it in the big leagues when it comes to architectural fenestration . At the same time, Svarre is at the very top with features that comply with the toughest requirements for new builds - used both for new builds and renovations.

SVARRE is the ultimate modern timber window. The window combines a unique design with a virtually maintenance-free exterior and technically some of the most exciting advancements available on the market regarding insulation, burglary proof, sound proof. 

As an architectural element SVARRE is simple, stylish and works well both individually or as linked units as well as in direct contrast to finishes like stone, timber, brick and plaster. The external face of the Svarre window is all glass, covering the well engineered timber work and presenting a seamless, flat and silky surface.

SVARRE appeals to those who want to stand out, with a more exclusive window solution, which is beautiful and sustainable, at the same time - a better investment. Svarre is one the best architectural glazing solutions for concept homes.