CAD and 3D Modelling

Horizon Architectural Glazing offer a comprehensive 3D modelling service for your project. While 2D modelling has been used for centuries by architects and designers alike, advances in technology allow for photo realistic 3D visualization and modelling. Therefore, the use of 3D models is in demand for a variety of purposes: to better conceptualize, to allow informed design decisions, and to experiment with modifications leading to better material selection.

Here you can see how Horizon can bring a typical floor plan to life.

Design Service

Stuck for inspiration? Creative block? We can help.

At Horizon we have a creative team that can help to overcome any design issues.  We love a challenge.

When the lovely folks at The Engine House were looking for a bespoke window design, they came to Horizon.
Through a close working relationship we were able to interpret their idea, refine and produce this beautiful window.
Color was blended with their current scheme and the feature of their logo as the focus point - the engine house of a tin mine that used to occupy that spot.